2016 challenges, Challenges

2016 Challenges


You know what I hate? New Year’s Resolutions. It’s basically creating a list of everything you suck at, and making a doomed promise to be better at those things for the next year, only to remember in the second week of January that you’re lazy and there’s a reason you suck at doing those things.

So, for 2016, I’m saying goodbye to New Year’s Resolutions, and hello to challenges. The idea is that it’ll help me become a more well-rounded person, and give me some good content for blog articles.

Here’s what I’ve got so far:

Watch 30 anime shows from start to finish
2015 was the year I became addicted to anime, but as it is a recent interest of mine, there are a lot of gaps in my knowledge. My challenge for 2016 is to watch 30 anime shows from start to finish. The rules are that it can’t be anything I’ve already watched, and it has to be something I am watching in 2016 for the very first time. I’m preparing to get the most out of my Crunchyroll and Netflix subscriptions!

Earn 24 platinum trophies
For those who have read my confession, you will know I’m a platinum trophy addict. Sadly, in 2015 I only earned four platinum trophies. Four! What’s the point?! I might as well have not bothered, I’m a traitor to my own cause! That’s why 2016 is going to be different, and I’ve pledged to earn 24 platinum’s over the course of the year. Unlike my anime challenge, the trophies can be earned from games I have already started playing, so I’ve got a lot of clean-ups to do!

Watch 80 movies in the cinema
I’ve previously spoken about how great Cineworld Unlimited cards are, but this year I sort of neglected mine. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely got my money’s worth each month, but I could have done better. So for 2016 I’m going to watch 80 movies in the cinema. I may watch the same ones more than once (I’m looking at you every superhero movie that’s going to come out next year), but I will be watching 80 movies in the cinema.

Read 24 books
Last year, I set my Goodreads reading challenge to 50, and I failed spectacularly. I was doing really well, but then I started watching anime, and that was the end of any sort of productivity. This year, I’m easing myself back into it, and have set my total to a more modest 24.

Create 5 new cosplays
Over the past year, I’ve done a few different cosplays. Whilst I do want to get more wear out of the ones I’ve created, I also have the cosplay bug and want to make more. Five seems like a pretty reasonable target given that I’m pretty inexperienced with it all.

So, I’m ready for 2016 and ready for the challenges to begin! If anyone else has any suggestions of challenges to add, send them my way!

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