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2016 Challenges: January Recap


January has proved to be a pretty poor month for the challenges. Going into this, I thought, “I watch a lot of anime/read a lot of books/play a lot of games/go to the cinema a lot”, and I guess I do, but just not enough to meet the lofty expectations I’ve set for myself.

Here’s an overview of how I’ve done, and proof that I really need to buck my ideas up for February.

Watch 30 anime shows from start to finish

So, this is the one that I seem to be struggling with the most. I watch a lot of anime, but I need to watch a heck of a lot to make it count. So far this year I’ve watched series one of Sword Art Online. After checking with the challenge maker, each series of a show is allowed to count as one of my 30, so at least I’ve got one tick alongside this one. I’ve calculated that I need to watch 2.5 series’ per month, so I am way behind on this one.

Platinum 24 games

I started off with nothing but good intentions on this one, but came across a glitch in the first game that I attempted which prevented me from getting the platinum and set me back quite a bit. I’m still holding out hope for a patch or solution to my problem on that one, so may be able to add Amnesia: Memories to my platinum list later this year. I have managed to obtain the platinum in Life Is Strange, so I’m only one game behind.

Watch 80 movies in the cinema

The only challenge I’m actually doing well on. So far this year I’ve seen 7 movies in the cinema, so I’m ahead of schedule here. Hooray!

Read 24 books

Just terrible. One book down. One book behind schedule. Thank God for manga and graphic novels.

Create 5 new cosplays

February should have been my month to do this. I have 3 cons in February and a grand total of 0 new cosplays. Hopefully this will be one that comes into fruition for the summer cons, I certainly have a lot of ideas brewing.


If you want to follow how terribly I’m doing, I’m logging my progress on platinums and movies on Twitter using the hashtag #cultureshack2016challenge.

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