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Looking back on the 2016 Challenge: The failures


So, as I may have alluded to in a previous look-back post, I didn’t manage to achieve all aspects of my challenges. Rather than give those challenges the satisfaction of having their own post, I’ve decided to lump them all in one shameful sitting (because no-one likes having to reflect on failures).

As a reminder, the remaining challenges were:

  • Watch 80 films in the cinema
  • Watch 30 anime series
  • Platinum 24 games (and subsequently to get more platinum trophies than a friend of mine)

To say I’ve done badly on these things would be an understatement.

Here’s how I ended the year:

  • 49 films watched in the cinema
  • 15 anime series watched
  • 7 platinum trophies obtained (and a draw with my friend)

Let’s not dwell too much on this, as it’s very shameful and I’m very disappointed in myself. I may have overestimated myself, so lessons have been learnt on that front for the 2017 challenges list. Onwards!

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