30 Days Of: Gaming

30 Days Of: Gaming, Day 1


Day One: Very first video game

Way back in 1993 (ish), ma and pa saw fit to buy me my first games console; a Sega Master System II. With it, I inherited a whole bunch of games from the brother-in-law of my aunt, but these were mostly beyond my skill level and didn’t have a whole lot in there to keep a four year old captivated.

It was the built-in Sonic The Hedgehog which I spent most of my time playing, and I also have the fondest memories of. When I first got the console, I would use my arms to try and control the game. Going right meant that I would pull my arms as far to the right as possible, often pulling the controller out of the console. If I had to jump, I would fling my arms in the air, also pulling the controller out of the console. Thankfully, I grew out of that habit!

Here’s a picture of me enjoying a spot of Sonic, complete with mid-90’s decor and adorable pyjamas.

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 19.49.24.png

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