30 Days Of

30 Days Of


2017 isn’t just a year for challenges, I also want to make it a year of improvement.

It’s not really a secret that I’ve kind of neglected this blog in the past (despite paying out for a domain name), and this year is the year I turn that around! I also want to improve my writing. This idea came to me the other day whilst browsing Twitter (though I have also seen and participated in something similar on Tumblr in the past, just a picture version).

The concept of a 30 day challenge is usually that there is a theme, and then 30 questions which the participant answers based on that theme. Normally the answers are pictures, or quite short, but I’m going to use them as prompts to write a short article, therefore creating quick content and (hopefully) improving my writing skills in the long run! And my readers get to find out all sorts of useless information about me! Everyone’s a winner!

First up is “30 Days of Gaming”. The questions are below, and I’ll be posting answers every day at 8pm.



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