30 Days Of: Gaming

30 Days Of: Gaming, Day 3


Day 3: A game that is underrated

So, I really struggled with this one. I don’t have a very good grasp on how things are received by a wider audience, purely because I have such a variety of people in my life (in real life, and on Twitter etc. too), that at any given time there’s a whole combination of people talking about games, so between them they seem to cover most genres.

Rather than picking out a game, I’ve gone for a whole genre. Visual novels. I love visual novels, but I often get the impression when talking to others that they’re viewed as slightly inferior.

Sure, they’re not the most action-heavy, but a great game isn’t reliant on action alone. Some of the best stories I’ve played have been through visual novels, and they work particular well as a mystery story which I’m very fond of.

If you’ve never played a visual novel, please change this as soon as possible! Not only is it a great experience, you can unlock a whole genre of games to enjoy. Also, if you’re hella weeby like me, then you sure are in for a treat….

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