30 Days Of: Gaming

30 Days Of: Gaming, Day 4


Day 4: Your guilty pleasure game

I spent a lot of time in secondary school feeling guilty about the things I liked because I didn’t fit in with the other girls in my class, so as an adult I’ve taught myself there’s no point in feeling guilty about the things that you like. You either like them, and that’s great, or you don’t, and that’s great too. You should never let anyone make you feel bad for the things you like, and if I’d learnt that at school, I’d probably have been a lot happier!

That said, my entry for my guilty pleasure game does make me feel guilty every time I play it. Not because I feel guilty for liking it, but because every time I play it I lose track of hours of my life.

No game makes me as unproductive as The Sims does. I play a lot of games, obviously, but I can always find time to get up, go for a walk, make dinner and generally be a functioning human being. But with The Sims, I’m just rendered useless. I can spend hours on there not even doing anything, just creating families and building houses and before you know it, I’ve been on the computer for 14 hours.


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