30 Days Of: Gaming

30 Days Of Gaming, Day 5


Day 5: Game character you feel you are most like (or wish you were)

I’ve kind of hinted at feeling an affinity with Chiaki Nanami from Danganronpa 2 on a previous 30 Days Of entry, but my pick for today is Yosuke Hanamura from Persona 4.

Like me, Yosuke spends most of his time trying to fit in. His high school years are not great until he finds Yu, the person who makes him accept himself. I can relate a lot to this. Until I found the right group of friends, I spent a lot of my time in secondary school closing away parts of myself and pretending I wasn’t interested in certain things (mostly video games, but see also comics, movies, music).

Yosuke is also a huge nerd, catastrophically clumsy and a total failure with the opposite sex. This resonates far more than I’d like it to. He has a great sense of humour and doesn’t take things too seriously, unless that’s what the situation calls for, then he’s your guy! I would like to think I share those traits too.

He is also, in case you were wondering, best guy in Persona 4.


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