Life happens, huh?

I’m well aware that I’ve been neglecting the site of late, but I’ve had a lot of personal goings on that have had to be dealt with and have been my priority. Whilst I’d like to say that I’m in a better place, I’m not, so let’s skim over that.

Many of my hobbies have fallen by the wayside, which is not only really frustrating but also really limiting. Writing and photography have always been my own creative outlets, and lately I’ve felt like I can’t do either. Nothing I have produced has passed my own quality testing, and I’ve just been left really disheartened.

While a break from photography seems to have done the trick there, I’m becoming increasingly aware that my writing hiatus has been going on far too long, and I just need to push through it. So, here I am, pushing through it.

I’ve been busy planning content, but now I just need to get on and write it. I’m setting myself personal goals that I want to be posting at least once a week, so hopefully this is something I can keep up with.

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