Happy anniversary to Culture Shack!


Logging onto WordPress, I recently got a notification that Culture Shack turned 9 on the 24th May! 9 years is such an incredibly long time, and whilst I might not have the most consistent track record with posts, it has amounted to a fair few entries on the blog.

Whilst editing a bunch of posts to fit, I found it quite interesting to read my older posts and reflect on how things have changed. When the blog started, it was mostly a place to post reviews and other articles that I was writing for a variety of sites. Now, I write mostly for myself, and I write reviews for Push Square which I still cross-post here. I try to write a variety of content, from blog posts and unboxings, to reviews and listicles. I know I fail at this a lot, but it is something I’m actively working on.

Looking through old posts, it’s really interesting to track how my interests have changed. Of course, the biggest change has been me becoming interested in anime and manga, but you can almost chart this through my posts; a real divergence from TV and film, and a sudden appearance in mentions about anime and manga. I’ve obviously loved videogames all my life, but you can almost see me double down on this throughout the 9 years this blog has existed.

Reading through is really amusing to see how I’ve changed in some places. I cared enough about the How I Met Your Mother finale to write a whole blog post about it, but now I couldn’t tell you the last piece of live action TV that really affected me. It’s just the way interests and habits change, I guess, but it is a little hard to believe the same person as I am now wrote those earlier posts!

So, here’s to more posts! I’ll do my best to get a content together and finally have something that resembles a content schedule on this thing! Thanks for your support!

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