Why I’m Giving Up With Seasonal Shows


At this stage of the year, I’d be watching the first episode of a bunch of shows ready to write up my Summer Anime Preview post. Whilst I’ve enjoyed doing the previews in the past, it leaves me with 10+ shows I have no hope of keeping up with or finishing.

I’ve found that generally, I’m able to keep up with two or three shows, and then the rest get abandoned, added to my ‘to watch’ list, where they’ll inevitably stay until I look at them and think, “Why on Earth did I ever want to watch that?”

Speaking of the ‘to watch’ list, it’s never ending. Relentlessly adding to it after I give up on 10+ seasonal shows certainly isn’t helping but there’s all the stuff on there that I genuinely did want to watch that I’m just never getting round to as I’m stuck in a cycle of never ending seasonal shows. I just feel like I’m watching stuff for the sake of it and I’m not enjoying it anymore.

Well, no more! I’m giving up with my previews. I’ll still be watching whatever shows I want to each season, but it certainly won’t be as many as I have attempted to do in the past and will be a much more manageable number. Hopefully this means I’ll have more time for other things – whether that’s watching other shows, drawing, writing. I’ll also feel a lot less stressed about being behind on everything always, so that can only be a good thing!

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