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2021 Challenges: July Recap


One month I will post my challenges recap in a timely manner and not a week after the event, but this is not that month. I feel like I’ve been doing pretty well in some of the challenges and absolutely terribly in others. Let’s see how I did in July.

Watch 45 anime

July end total: 11

I managed to add another couple of anime to my watched list in July; Let’s Make a Mug Too and IDOLiSH7 Second Beat. I definitely enjoyed one more than the other (*coughIDOLISH7cough*), but both were good in their own way. I’m a week into Anime August now, and not doing brilliantly, I’ll be honest! I’m determined to change that around though!

Read 50 complete manga

July end total: 2


Watch 30 films

July end total: 9

I didn’t get much opportunity to watch films in July, so I didn’t add anything to my total, but I am still optimistic about this one, probably stupidly so.

Watch 30 anime films

July end total: 4

Again, another challenge where I didn’t add anything to my total. I’m hoping Anime August will change this one around!

Get 35 platinum trophies

July end total: 18

Just over halfway through the year and just over halfway through my platinum trophy target. This year is really making me feel differently about platinum trophies – I’ve played a lot of games I wouldn’t normally play, just to get the platinum, and whilst I’ve enjoyed some, it can’t be said of all of them. I’ve obviously neglected my backlog in favour of platinum trophies and it makes me quite mad at myself, in all honestly. There’s some games on my backlog I know are really great games, and I’ve just cast them aside in favour of getting some quick platinum trophies.

Clear 30 games from my backlog

July end total: 1

The above was a really long way of saying I didn’t play anything from my backlog in July.

Play 12 Switch games

July end total: 1

I have not been doing great on the ol’ Switch games, but I still feel like I can probably make this. I’m going on holiday for a week in September with my parents, and I’m taking aaaaall my Switch games with me, so in any downtime I’m hoping to get a decent amount played. We’ll see!

Read 12 books

July end total: 8

Finally, a challenge I’m ahead on! The Percy Jackson series definitely helped boost this total, but now I’m finished with it I’m looking forward to reading something a bit more my reading level. only a

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