30 Days Of: Film, Days 22 – 25


I don’t even have a medical emergency I can blame the delay in posts on, I’m just lazy.

Day 22: Your favourite classic movie

I haven’t seen many classic movies, so this one is a little bit tricky, but I’ll say It’s A Wonderful Life, for those Christmas feels.


Day 23: Movie with the best soundtrack

Who would have predicted me talking about Popstar yet again, but the soundtrack to it is incredible. Every song is gold, and if you like The Lonely Island as much as I do, then you’ll obviously love it.

Day 24: Your least favourite movie

In recent years, it’s mother!. I sat in the cinema for that film and I didn’t have a clue what was going on most of the time, and frankly, it just gave me a headache.

Day 25: Your guilty pleasure movie

I’ve spoken a lot about not feeling guilty about liking things, and I stand by that, but what does make me feel guilty is when I rewatch something a lot rather than watching something new or something in my collection that hasn’t been watched yet.

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30 Days Of: Anime, Day 27


Day 27: Recommend an anime that most people would not have seen

It’s hard for me to tell what a lot of people haven’t seen as I follow a lot of anime fans on Twitter and there always seems to be a buzz about most shows.

I didn’t see many people watching Banana Fish when that was on, so I’d definitely recommend that to people. It’s hard to say what it’s about without giving too much away but it’s essentially about a Japanese photographer, Okumura Eiji, who travels to New York as an intern to assist with a piece about a young gang boss, Ash Lynx. The show then follows the story of Ash and Eiji as they get caught up with various gang and mafia activity. It has its funny moments, but they’re pretty few and far between, and it can be quite harrowing at times with some dark subject matter thrown in. There are tonnes of really well-written characters, from Ash and Eiji themselves, to the supporting cast and the main antagonists. There’s a reason it’s one of my favourite shows, so I would definitely recommend it to anyone.


I’ll also mention here Oresuki, as it’s another show I didn’t see many people talking about when it aired, but one that I also really enjoyed. It probably couldn’t be further from Banana Fish if it tried. I don’t even know where to begin explaining the plot, but it’s essentially about a boy, Joro, and his life at school and relationships with his classmates and how they develop. Pretty broad, but Oresuki is genuinely one of the funniest shows I’ve ever seen, with one particular running gag that is absolutely hilarious.




Do you ever look at your bank statement and see the charges for a domain name you forgot you were paying for and realised it’s been a really long time since you wrote anything? Just me?

Life has been kind of hectic of late; new puppy, new job, moving house, so I have neglected this blog quite a bit.

I’ve also found that a lot of my hobbies are really time consuming, and writing has sort of fallen to the wayside for me a bit, which is not only annoying because I’m paying for this domain name that I’m not using, but frustrating as I do find writing to be very therapeutic and enjoyable, like most of my other creative hobbies.

I have lots of plans for the blog going forward, so it’s time to put those into motion. I’m going to be kicking off October with another 30 Days Of… so stay tuned for that!



Life happens, huh?

I’m well aware that I’ve been neglecting the site of late, but I’ve had a lot of personal goings on that have had to be dealt with and have been my priority. Whilst I’d like to say that I’m in a better place, I’m not, so let’s skim over that.

Many of my hobbies have fallen by the wayside, which is not only really frustrating but also really limiting. Writing and photography have always been my own creative outlets, and lately I’ve felt like I can’t do either. Nothing I have produced has passed my own quality testing, and I’ve just been left really disheartened.

While a break from photography seems to have done the trick there, I’m becoming increasingly aware that my writing hiatus has been going on far too long, and I just need to push through it. So, here I am, pushing through it.

I’ve been busy planning content, but now I just need to get on and write it. I’m setting myself personal goals that I want to be posting at least once a week, so hopefully this is something I can keep up with.


The end of How I Met Your Mother

After nine years on our screens, the final episode of How I Met Your Mother aired this week.

A long time in the making, the show has kept audiences hooked for nine seasons, waiting to find out how Ted did meet the mother.

Full spoilers for the show finale follow. You have been warned.

In true How I Met Your Mother style, the finale pulled a lot of punches and kept me hooked throughout, with plenty of moments which left me gasping, and at one point, crying.

I feel like the finale was a good end to the show, if it had ended with “And that’s how I met your mother.” Unfortunately, it went on and Ted found himself once again at Robin’s window with a blue French horn.

My first real gripe with the episode was something that went on to make a little more sense as the episode progressed. Barney and Robin divorcing. Totally left-field, considering up until that point, season nine had been about them getting married in the first place. All of a sudden it was like those 20 episodes didn’t matter, and it was over with a quick “We got a divorce.” Barney and Robin have always made sense as a couple, they’ve always been on the same page, unlike Ted and Robin, so to see the back of their relationship was a little sad but ultimately makes sense, given the direction of the story as a whole. Case in point, I previously gave them the top position in my list of favourite pop culture couples (see here).

For my next problem, see: goodbye to the apartment. It’s all a bit Friends-eque, really. Yes, adults grow up and they have to move out of their 2 bedroom apartments, but couldn’t they have just done it and transitioned quickly? I get that it was the scene for Lily voicing her fears that Robin wouldn’t be there for any of the “big moments”, but I feel like this big moment could easily have just happened off camera. The move felt a little cliché to me; goodbye to the apartment, goodbye to the show. At least there was no ceremonial key returning.

Whilst we’re on the subject of the apartment-leaving Halloween party, Robin saying Ted was “the guy she should have probably ended up with” was quite infuriating. Hasn’t Robin had enough chances with Ted? Obviously, at this point, I didn’t know where the episode was going but it left a sour taste to think that Ted only seems like a consolation prize to Robin, and she only wants him when someone else has him.

The episode wasn’t all bad, though, and despite my whining, I did like it a lot. I stopped investing in Lily and Marshall as a couple quite a long time ago, but they had some good moments. However, my stand-out moment in the episode goes to Barney, when he holds his daughter for the first time, showing what a talented actor Neil Patrick Harris is as he managed to convey enough emotion in a seconds-long scene to bring tears to my eyes.

After spending all of season nine getting to know the mother, she’s killed off in an instant. The mother, or Tracy, as she’s apparently known, isn’t even given an on-screen death and her rapid health deterioration lasts all of one scene. After nine seasons, I feel like I’ve invested more in Ted than to have him just run back to Robin once he’d had the opportunity to get married and have a couple of kids.

Something that really stood out to me from the finale was when it comes to light that Ted and Tracy haven’t gotten married despite having their children. As an audience, we know that all Ted has ever wanted was to get married and have two children, presumably in that order. We know Ted has the daughter and son he always wanted, so it stands to reason that he would have gotten everything else he wanted too. When it was revealed that Tracy was pregnant, I for one assumed that the wedding would be brought forward, not postponed. The realisation that everything I’d assumed about Ted and Tracy’s relationship was wrong, coupled with the divorce of Barney and Robin perhaps opened my eyes to the fact that I didn’t know where things were going.

I understand that the writers have had the ending planned out from the get-go, but to spend nine years constantly reiterating that Robin isn’t the mother, that Ted and Robin don’t get married, only to have Ted run back to Robin feels like a bit of a let down. Ted isn’t one of my favourite protagonists ever, and probably wouldn’t even make it into a top ten list, but I feel like he deserved his happy-ever-after with his wife and two kids, and I feel like he’s been denied of that.

How I Met Your Dad, constantly billed as a stand-alone spin-off of the original series, has a lot to live up to, and despite the promises that it will be a whole different set of characters telling a different story, it feels like it’s not really the end for the original gang.

My prediction? How Number 31 met Barney.