30 Days Of, 30 Days Of: Anime

30 Days Of: Anime, Day 13


Day 13: Favourite VA/seiyuu

My favourite VA is Mamoru Miyano! He just has such an expressive voice, and so many of the characters he voices go on to be my favourite in the series. Most notably, he is the voice of Tsukiyama Shu from Tokyo Ghoul, who is one of my favourite characters ever.

I won’t give a massive list of all of his work, you can check it out here!

30 Days Of, 30 Days Of: Anime

30 Days Of: Anime, Day 9


Day 9: Your first anime crush

My first anime crush was back in the days before I even knew what anime was, watching Pokémon. I don’t quite know why, as he’s definitely not my type of character now, but I really loved James when I was younger!


If we count Pokémon as my first anime, then my first anime crush when I consciouly knew what anime was came about during my third anime, Attack on Titan. Levi is definitely my type of character, and probably the reason I like most characters I do like. Whilst I don’t like James much, I still love Levi and he’s probably one of my favourite Attack on Titan characters.