30 Days Of, 30 Days Of: Film

30 Days Of: Film, Days 26 – 30


I started off so well with this 30 Days Of, but then it sort of dropped off at the end. I think I’ll have a bit of a break from 30 Days Of after this post – I worry that the blog becomes just that when it’s being done, and until have a lot of content planned I’ll leave it. If you have any suggestions for topics when I pick it back up again, let me know in the comments!

Day 26: A movie that disappointed you the most

Hmm, a difficult one. Disappointed may be a strong word, but back when the movies first came out I was super into The Maze Runner, and I really loved the first two films. It was really disappointing that the last one got delayed by so long, though I totally understand why. The fault is purely mine but in the three years that had passed between The Scorch Trials and The Death Cure, I had forgotten a lot of what happened, and spent a lot of the beginning of The Death Cure trying to catch up with myself. I had read the books, but as is often the case, they all blended into one and it was hard to separate events into what had happened in film and what I knew happened because of the books.

Day 27: Your favourite quote from any movie

I think one of the best, and most memorable, quotes is either “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, or “Don’t take life so seriously, you’ll never get out alive.” from Van Wilder: Party Liaison, of all places.

Both are pretty aligned with one another, and I think of them often when I find myself getting overly stressed.

Day 28: Best movie franchise

In terms of consistency the best movie franchise is probably the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I really enjoy most of those films, and can’t really think of many I hate or dislike, whereas the same cannot be said other franchises like Star Wars, or Jurassic Park, as examples.

Day 29: A movie you used to love but now hate

I think I’ve spoken before about my absolutely dire taste in movies during my teenage years, but when I was about 16 or so, I really loved all of those parody movies that were super popular, like Epic Movie, or Not Another Teen Movie (both of which I loved, for some reason). I know cannot think of anything worse than watching movies like that.

Day 30: A movie everyone should watch

I can’t really think of anything that’s a ‘classic’ to me, I have a lot of favourite films that not many people I know have seen that I will always try to get them to watch; Popstar, A Silent Voice, Rushmore. I could go on. Ultimately, I can only suggest things, I have no power here!


30 Days Of, 30 Days Of: Film

30 Days Of: Film, Day 21


Day 21: A movie no-one would expect you to love

Before sports anime came into my life, there was a sports movie I was pretty into; Moneyball. I couldn’t tell you much about it now, other than Brad Pitt manages a baseball team and Jonah Hill is there, but at the time I was super into Moneyball. I even tried reading the book, but it turns out when you know nothing about baseball, it’s much easier to get the gist from a film rather than a super in depth book about it.


30 Days Of, 30 Days Of: Film

30 Days Of: Film, Days 16 – 20


Due to some health issues and some problems with technology, I’ve missed out on 30 Days Of a few times this week, so here’s this catch up post.

Day 16: Who is your favourite actor?

I’ll have to go with Paul Rudd for this one. He’s exceptionally versatile, and a lot of his movies are some of my favourites. He can obviously do comedy really well, but he’s also a really great dramatic actor too!

paul rudd

Day 17: Who is your favourite actress?

For as long as I can remember I have loved Keira Knightly. I don’t particularly have any strong feelings for period dramas, but I will watch them if she’s in them. I don’t even know why I love her so much, I just do.


Day 18: What is the most overrated movie?

So, since it came out, I really don’t see the hype behind The Dark Knight. I think it’s okay, sure, but is it the best movie in the Nolan Batman trilogy? No, that’s Batman Begins. People get so agitated when I say I don’t like it that much, but I just think it’s pretty alright.


Day 19: What is the most underrated movie? 

I really don’t see enough appreciation for Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping. It’s genuinely a hilarious film, and the soundtrack is amazing. I have a few close friends who love it, but outside of them I haven’t really heard of anyone else having seen it, which is a shame because it’s one of the funniest films I’ve ever seen.


Day 20: Who is your favourite character from a movie?

Oh wow, this is a tough question. In a general ‘this character is really fun’ way, it’s probably Marty McFly. The Back to the Future films probably aren’t deep enough to have any properly meaningful character development, but Marty is a really fun character anyway!


30 Days Of, 30 Days Of: Film

30 Days Of: Film, Days 14 and 15


Day 14: Your favourite animated movie

Guess which dumb-dumb got the prompts for day 13 and 14 mixed up? Yes, me.

Anyway. Favourite animated movie is a hard question for someone like me who likes to watch a lot of animated movies! I’ll pick my favourite Western animated movie as I think I’ll be here all day if I have to deliberate between my favourite anime movies.

My pick for my favourite animated film goes to Kubo And The Two Strings, a film which I am extremely fond of. It’s stop motion, but… that counts, right? If you haven’t seen it I would urge you to do so, it’s so wonderful and has a great story.


Day 15: The best movie you saw last year

Chelsie and I went to Scotland Loves Anime, an anime film festival, in October last year. It was there that I saw my favourite film of the year, Ride Your Wave. I cannot wait to see it again, but to me it was the perfect mix of drama, comedy and action, and was just perfect. The characters were great, and I really like the art style.



30 Days Of, 30 Days Of: Film

30 Days Of: Film, Day 13


Day 13: The first movie you saw at the cinema

I’ve mentioned my childhood obsession with dinosaurs, and that led to me wanting to see Jurassic Park in the cinema, and for some reason, even though I was only 4 at the time, my mother took me. I don’t remember being scared, so it’s probably the bravest I’ve ever been, as we all know I’m a huge wimp now.

30 Days Of, 30 Days Of: Film

30 Days Of: Film, Day 12


Day 12: Your favourite movie when you were a teenager

I had absolutely shocking taste when I was a teenager, so unfortunately, my favourite movie would probably be something like The Hot Chick, which is as good as the picture below makes it seem.

the hot chick

I also, for some reason, really loved all those parody movies that were really popular, so something like Not Another Teen Movie would also have been really high up on my list of favourite films.


30 Days Of, 30 Days Of: Film

30 Days Of: Film, Day 11


Day 11: Your favourite movie as a child

I’ve mentioned previously a love of Jurassic Park and Oliver! as a child, and really I think that those two films are synonymous of my childhood, and certainly the ones I associate with being a child the most.

Like most children, I also loved Disney movies, but I never liked the princess ones much and instead leaned more towards the action type films. My two favourites as a child were The Sword in the Stone and Robin Hood, which I have really fond memories of. One time I can remember really vividly is refusing to leave the house for a birthday party because The Sword in the Stone was on, and then hiding under the dining table crying when the ‘squirrel bit’ happened.

30 Days Of, 30 Days Of: Film

30 Days Of: Film, Day 10


Day 10: Your favourite director

I’ve alluded to this in a previous post, but my favourite director is Wes Anderson.


I just love everything about his films. They’re whimsical without being ridiculous, funny, heartwarming. He hasn’t yet made a film I don’t like. I love his aesthetic too, as do most people. It helps massively that his cast generally seem to be some of my favourite actors.

Big shout out also to Christopher Nolan, whose work I love immensely also.


30 Days Of, 30 Days Of: Film

30 Days Of: Film, Day 9


Day 9 – A movie you can recite in your sleep

I’ve mentioned a lot of films so far in 30 Days Of: Film that are huge parts of my life that I can definitely nominate here; Jurassic Park, Popstar, Role Models and Oliver! to name a few.

So, to talk about a different film – I have seen Bad Neighbours more times than I care to admit. I still find it a really funny film, and infinitely quotable. There are so many great moments in that film.

So it’s either that, or Shrek!


30 Days Of, 30 Days Of: Film

30 Days Of: Film, Day 8


Day 8 – A movie that makes you sad

The thing about me is it’s very easy to make me sad. I cry a lot. Basically any film where a dog dies will make me instantly sad, for one thing. I’ll also cry at pretty much any Disney film, and anime films have a terrible habit of making me cry also.

The last film I cried at was I Want To Eat Your Pancreas, but the last non-anime film I cried at was probably Toy Story 4, going back through the list of films I’ve seen at the cinema for my challenges.