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2020 Challenges: April Recap


I’ve spent the entirety of April in lockdown, had a birthday, and the only people I’ve seen in person are my parents and my nan (and on the occassion I’m allowed to open the door, I get a brief glimpse of a deliveryman!). Life is pretty weird at the moment.

Watch 40 anime

April end total: 14

Things really ramped up in April, as predicted, with the end of the seasonal shows I had been watching. I’ve been a little slow at watching anime since, focussing a lot of time on gaming instead, so I’m not sure how well I’ll do at adding to this total this month!

The shows I finished were: Haikyuu!! season 4, My Hero Academia season 4, ARP Backstage Pass, In/Spectre, number 24, Darwin’s Game, and Toilet-bound Hanako-kun. I’m in the process of getting some reviews written for these shows, so keep an eye out!

Watch 40 movies in the cinema

April end total: 5

Obviously I still can’t leave the house, so I’m stuck at 5 movies for this. The longer that lockdown goes on, the less likely it is that I’ll be achieving this challenge by the end of the year.

Platinum 20 games

April end total: 1

At the end of April, my total was still 1. I’ve been playing a lot of games since though, so come my May end update, things will be veeeery different.

Read 15 books

April end total: 2

It’s weird to think how reading habits change. 10 years ago, I’d have read 15 books in a month, now I’m not even reading one a month. It’s so hard to find the time to read when all my hobbies are so time consuming. Things have improved on the reading front lately, and I’m starting to find it easier to set it aside time to read, so things should be improving here!

Finish 100 best movies

April end total: 2

Finish Naruto

April end total: 3 episodes

30 Days Of

30 Days Of


2017 isn’t just a year for challenges, I also want to make it a year of improvement.

It’s not really a secret that I’ve kind of neglected this blog in the past (despite paying out for a domain name), and this year is the year I turn that around! I also want to improve my writing. This idea came to me the other day whilst browsing Twitter (though I have also seen and participated in something similar on Tumblr in the past, just a picture version).

The concept of a 30 day challenge is usually that there is a theme, and then 30 questions which the participant answers based on that theme. Normally the answers are pictures, or quite short, but I’m going to use them as prompts to write a short article, therefore creating quick content and (hopefully) improving my writing skills in the long run! And my readers get to find out all sorts of useless information about me! Everyone’s a winner!

First up is “30 Days of Gaming”. The questions are below, and I’ll be posting answers every day at 8pm.