30 Days Of, 30 Days Of: Film

30 Days Of: Film, Day 3


Day 3: Your favourite action/adventure movie

I kind of struggled with this question as I wasn’t sure what defines the genre, but after looking on IMDB I’ve come up with an answer!


My favourite action/adventure film is Back To The Future. I was fairly late in watching BTTF, having my first viewing at around 19. Since then, it’s become a film that is really close to my heart, and I’ve watched it multiple times. I was lucky enough to be given a press pass to the Secret Cinema event when that was on, and I loved every moment of it.

Through conventions I’ve met both Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd too, which is really cool! (Though looking at the photos now, they’re pretty bad ones of me!)

Christopher LloydJade and Michael J Fox