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30 Days of: Anime, Day 7

Day 7: Which character would you want to be your workout buddy?

This one was pretty tough because I have watched a lot of sports anime in my time, and it goes without saying that any of the characters would be prime workout buddies.

I’ve gone for a double pick here, firstly choosing Aida Riko from Kuroko No Basuke. I feel like her scan ability would be really helpful in order to bring out the best in my workouts and target key areas!

For the same reason, I’m also going for Matsuoko Gou from Free! Gou’s love of muscles and experience in putting together training plans would really come in handy!

30 Days Of, 30 Days Of: Anime, Uncategorized

30 Days Of: Anime, Day 4

Day 4: Which character(s) would you want as a best friend?

After much deliberation, my chosen anime bestie is Tachibana Makoto from Free!. Makoto proves time and time again over the course of all Free! series that he’s the sweetest, kindest, and most genuinely caring out of all of the Free! boys, and in fact probably in any anime I’ve watched. He clearly loves his friends, and as the designated mum friend is always making sure Haru remains a semi-normal functioning human.

He’s also got backstroke for days.