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June Purchases


Another month in isolation down, another month of me trying to buy my own happiness. Of course, it’s not as bad as that really (most of the time), but having less to spend on travelling, commuting and socialising means there’s more money to spend on goodies. I’m determined to have a decent few months saving in the upcoming months because I just bought a car (though that won’t be appearing in the July Purchases post, nice as it is), so if my future Purchases posts are as long as this, then please feel free to give me a serious telling off!


We’ll start this month off with manga. I have a lot of collections that I’m trying to catch up on, either to the current point of publication for ongoing series, or to completion for those that have finished. This month, I had decided to get a couple of volumes of Ouran, a couple turned into a few, and a few turned into “Ah, I might as well just finish it now.”, so that’s what I did. At least it’s done now! I also bought the latest volume of Haikyuu!! so that I don’t fall behind!

IMG_7674As has become customary, I also bought some BL; Seven Days Monday – Sunday, and Secret XXX. These two are both one-shots, so that’s something. At least I don’t have the collection problem! I’ve read both, and though they’re both very different to one another, I did really like them. Manga reviews are something I want to start doing, so I’ll write something up about them soon!



As with my manga collection, I also decided I wanted to complete some of my blu-ray collections. I had started buying the steelbook versions of the Hunger Games series a few years back, and never got round to buying Mockingjay Part 2. I thought I had missed the boat on buying it, but I found a brand new copy  on eBay for not too much money, so I ordered it and now that collection is complete too!




Completing collections must have been the theme for June, as I also bought GOT7’s latest mini-album and completed my album collection (apart from Japanese albums, I haven’t gone that deep… yet…). I got photocards for Mark, Youngjae, Jinyoung and Yugyeom, so a pretty good selection! Jinyoung is my ultimate bias, and Yugyeom is up there, so the only way it could have been better would be if my bias wrecker JB was in there too, but alas, not this time!




Even though it’s not really my genre of game, and I’m a huge wimp, I couldn’t resist getting The Last of Us Part 2. I actually bough two copies by accident, but that’s a whole other thing… I have finished TLOU2 now, so I will hopefully have a review up soon!





I went a little bit mad with buying anime blu-rays this month (no more so than usual, I hear you yell). I had preordered Promare ages ago, and the collectors edition finally came in. I’m really excited to watch this as I missed out on seeing it in the cinema when it came out. I also added to my Studio Ghibli collection and bought Grave of the Fireflies. I’m not quite mad enough to just buy all the missing movies from that collectio, so that’ll be ongoing for a while. I also bought a few series that I’ve wanted to watch for a while; Beyond the Boundary, My Love Story, and Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto. I could easily stream these all online, but I really like adding to my anime collection, and I always worry that the shows I want to watch will disappear from streaming sites and then I won’t get to watch them. I also think it’s really important to support the industry, so it’s a win win all round.

My last purchases for the month were this cute given pin from Pinfluential. I don’t think that they have this particular pin any longer, but they do have lots of other really cute pins! I also bought these cookie cutters of Bokuto and Akaashi from Haikyuu!! (my OTP). They’re from Tableplate. I haven’t got round to making any cookies yet, but I will, and they will be delicious and adorable. Finally, I got this Howl’s Moving Castle tin from YYKawaii! It also has little post-its with the same design inside. I did also buy something else from her, but I can’t show you because I bought someone else a matching one as a gift!

That wraps up June! Remember, permission to yell at me is granted for the next few months if Purchases posts are this long!


Ten Favourite Couples in Pop Culture


With Valentine’s Day in the past, and love lingering in the air, I’ve been thinking about my favourite couples in popular culture. As a belated Valentine’s Day present from me to you, I’ve even written them down! As ever, I don’t seem to be able to write anything without ruining it, so spoilers ahead!

1. Robin Scherbatsky & Barney Stinson (How I Met Your Mother)

Robin and Barney are possibly one of my favourite couples ever. I feel like I’ve invested so much in their relationship. Tears have most definitely been shed, and I could not be happier for them now they’ve locked each other down.

2. Ferris Bueller & Sloane Peterson (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off)

Real life couples make the best on-screen couples, as is evident from some more entries on this list. Sloane Peterson has it all, and I want to be her. Her and Ferris are the coolest couple in school, and they’re just so darn cute together.

3. Cameron Tucker & Mitchell Pritchett (Modern Family)

Cam and Mitch are probably my two favourite Modern Family characters, and by happy coincidence they’re also together. Hurrah! Part of the reason I love Mitch and Cam is that they prove that gay couples don’t have to be portrayed in a stereotypical manner, and their relationship is just so lovely and natural (and hilarious).

4. Calvin Weir-Fields & Ruby Sparks (Ruby Sparks)

Let’s get this straight. My favourite part of this couple was when Ruby first came onto the scene, when her and Calvin were really happy together just as they were. Before he started changing her and making her jump all over his house. The end of the film brings me hope that they’ll be able to get back to the same level. Aside from the fact Ruby was brought to life by a seemingly magic typewriter, this real-life couple create an on-screen couple who you can really believe in.

5. Sylar & Elle Bishop (Heroes)

Sure, Sylar and Elle’s relationship didn’t go down the traditional route, but which couple doesn’t have problems? Pre-killing, you could really tell they were into each other, and had Sylar been in a better place, I feel they probably could’ve gone the distance. Maybe.

6. Katniss Everdeen & Peeta Mellark (The Hunger Games trilogy)

My favourite type of love story is one where someone’s been secretly in love with someone, then they get together. A nice resolution for everyone. In this instance, all it took was a simple fight to the death (or two, or three) and some memory loss, and Katniss and Peeta became Panem’s number 1 couple.

7. Nick & Norah (Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist)

This is a sort of backward love of this couple, because there’s one point where Nick is still mooning after Tris and I just feel like punching him. Him and Norah are perfect together, their personalities really seem to compliment each other and their chemistry is evident.

8. Juno MacGuff & Paulie Bleeker (Juno)

I could never understand why Juno was so mean to Paulie. He just wants to love her. Why won’t she let him? Why do people always leave it too late? Another prime example of how invested I get when Michael Cera is part of an on-screen couple.

9. April Ludgate & Andy Dwyer (Parks & Recreation)

April and Andy are easily the best-suited couple in television. They have so much fun together, and are so easily suited. They’re living proof (sort of, they are fictional characters) that relationships can be fun and work at the same time.

10. Seth Cohen & Summer Roberts (The O.C)

The couple that really shouldn’t work, but do. Proof that opposites attract. Proof that hot losers can bag the hot girl of their dreams. And another real-life (at the time) couple.

To end, I also thought about four pairings which should most definitely happen. Please, just let me have these, okay screenwriters?

1. Carol & Daryl – The Walking Dead
2. Daenerys & Jon – Game of Thrones
3. Annie & Jeff – Community
4. Magneto & Mystique – X-Men: Days of Future Past (or beyond)