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30 Days Of: Gaming, Day 7


Day 7: Favourite game couple

Long time no write. I’ve neglected this challenge thing (theme of my blog), so on bank holiday Monday, what better time to get back at it?

I’ll be honest, part of the reason I’ve not updated 30 Days Of is because I really struggled with this question. Most of the games I play don’t have ‘couples’, and if there’s a romance option, it’s up to you who you date rather than having a preassigned partner *coughPersonacough*.


After a lot of thought, I’ve opted for Snow and Bigby from The Wolf Among Us. I know in the game they’re not strictly a couple, but I think they’ve got a really great dynamic and they’re part of the reason I started reading Fables (which everyone else should totally do, especially if you enjoyed TWAU). Also, Bigby is a babe, and Snow isn’t taking any shit from anyone. They’re both great individually as well as together, and that’s what being a great couple is about!


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News: Telltale Games release new Wolf Among Us trailer


Telltale Games have released a brand new trailer for the upcoming fourth installment of their series The Wolf Among Us, titled In Sheep’s Clothing.

Hot on the tail of the screenshots released earlier this week, the video trailer gives an exciting preview of what Bigby can come to expect in the highly anticipated next episode.

Read the full article at Filmoria.

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News: The Wolf Among Us episode 3 releases today in Europe

Today sees the release of the eagerly anticipated third episode of The Wolf Among Us, titled The Crooked Mile.

Brought to us by Telltale Games, creators of the hugely popular The Walking Dead games, The Wolf Among Us is a noir murder mystery following similar game mechanics to The Walking Dead.

My full article can be read at Filmoria.

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Review: The Wolf Among Us


From Telltale Games, creators of the widely acclaimed The Walking Dead game comes The Wolf Among Us.

Based on hit comic book series Fables, The Wolf Among Us is a re-imagining of classic, much-loved fairytale characters and the life they lead in modern-day Manhattan. The game is set 20 years before the first Fables comic, and it is briefly explained that the characters have had to vacate their fairytale lifestyle to relocate to their own community in New York, Fabletown. In order to blend in with normal citizens (referred to by the Fables as “mundies”), the less human Fables have to take an enchantment known as “glamour”.

The Wolf Among Us follows protagonist Bigby Wolf, also known as the Big, Bad Wolf, who is the appointed police detective of Fabletown. Dressed in a trenchcoat, Bigby is a man of few words, and definitely a man of action. The game opens with Bigby attending a callout to a fellow Fable, Mr. Toad, and the player is able to see from this early encounter and an altercation with the Woodsman, that Bigby is not a man of the people.

Game mechanics are identical to The Walking Dead, with quick-time events forcing players to make quick decisions and act instinctively. The game’s art style also heavily influenced by the game’s predecessor, though having now picked up a copy of the first Fables graphic novel I can see that the design of the characters and set are very loyal to the source text.

Though the first episode, Faith allows the player a short window of time with the game, it is more than enough to get you hooked. As the episode played out, I began to feel myself building an affinity with Bigby, just as I had done with Lee Everett in The Walking Dead. I was sad when Bigby was sad, angry when Bigby was angry, happy.. well, Bigby isn’t ever really happy, but I relished the brief glimpses of happiness that Bigby was shown.

The game plays out as a noir style detective game, with the first episode introducing you to the case you will have to crack over the course of the game. Other well-known fairytale and children’s story characters make appearances, helping and hindering Bigby as he goes on his way. The strands of the case begin to unravel, as you find yourself as Bigby having to investigate smaller cases which may or may not influence the bigger picture.

Like The Walking Dead before it, The Wolf Among Us is near perfection. It is everything I want in a game, and episode one has definitely left me wanting more. Though I don’t have the patience to wait for each installment of the game, the episodic feel really impacts on you, as you have to live with the decisions you have made. I can’t wait to jump back into Bigby’s world. Episode two can’t come quickly enough.